Science Olympiad is a non-profit organization that brings together students around the country for academic competitions focusing on inter-disciplinary, ever-changing fields of science such as chemistry, anatomy, earth science, geology, engineering, genetics, technology, and physics. Our tournament will host teams from Division B (middle school) and Division C (high school). Teams will work their entire school year mastering their knowledge of a certain subject for test-based events, practicing teamwork and critical thinking for challenge-based events, or constructing various contraptions for building events.

Our mission in bringing this Science Olympiad event to our university is to touch the lives of the young students participating, to further encourage them to pursue scientific fields, and to be a part of the revolution in science education. Our beautiful campus, academic competitiveness, and friendly faces may even encourage some students to consider “The U” for their undergraduate studies.


The regional tournament executive board consists of a group of students at the University of Miami ranging from sophomores to seniors, most of whom have participated in Science Olympiad in the past. We are very dedicated to our studies within the field of science, engineering, medicine, and more. Our organizational skills, solid teamwork and communication, and past experience will help us put on an event that is both well-coordinated and fun for all.

See below to learn more about our executive board members:


Siri Choragudi

Ankit Shah

Volunteer Co-Chairs

Gabriella Rodriguez

Navin Singh

Logistics Co-Chairs

Akshata Gunda

Divya Bhansali

Events Chair

Hallie Fields

Building Event Supervisor

Rodrigo Curiel-Tucker

PR Chair

Sydney Beal

Sponsorship Chair

Michelle Ng-Reyes

Budgets Chair

Andre Rivero-Guevara